5/9/22 post...Jim's Journey across the now feels real!

The journey journal is now live! Even with all the prior training, planning, coordinating, and really didn't feel real until this piece was put in place, along with other logistics being accomplished this week. Tapering will begin next week, leading to some easy cruises of 40 to 50 miles at sauntering pace prior to departing for Astoria, Oregon on May 27th. Of note, below are links to an introduction of what Oasis Center is all about...their mission, their delivery of services, and who they serve. I'll include a link to the journal in a future social media post. In the journal will be a link to the Oasis Center landing page for you to participate in my journey through your support of Oasis Center. Amy and I have primed the pump by donating $1.00 per mile that I will be kee